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Great news!

We recently completed an extensive search that indicates that you or someone you might know are the rightful recipient or heir to a refund or asset that has gone unclaimed. We uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed or lost assets and refunds due to individuals or businesses who may never have been notified. There is an expiration date to file a claim for the refund or asset before they are forfeited to your state governmental agency. Most of the refunds or assets that we discover are not available by an internet search and it is unlikely you will ever be notified of their existence without the efforts of an organization like ours. Unfortunately, when individuals are owed funds from the state government, due to an inheritance, foreclosure, or other event, your state has very little incentive to actively track you down and present you with your funds. Why? After a set time period has past (typically up to 1-3 years), these refunds and assets are forfeited to that government agency. Therefore, they will put very little effort (if any) into contacting you. That’s where we come in.

At Hostono & Associates, we spend countless hours researching to locate unclaimed refunds/assets and their rightful recipients. In our career as refund and estate recovery specialists, we’ve helped many people and businesses collect refunds that were rightfully due to them. If you haven’t spoken with your claims professional yet, we encourage you or a trusted advisor to call or email us today.

The claims process can take time. Not to mention, the deadline you have to file your case before the refund/asset is forfeited. The sooner you begin, the sooner we can present a case to the specified government agency on your behalf!

Want to see if a refund is owed to you?

Give us a call today. Speak with one of our representatives and ask to see if there is a refund owed to you. We will be glad to assist and answer any additional questions.

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