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Our research team is compiled of experienced professionals such as: private investigators, skip tracers, and other trained professionals related to the field of discovering and recovering unclaimed or lost assets/refunds.  We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to a wide variety of cases. We are confident that, with our expertise and comprehensive research tools, we can resolve even the most complex recovery cases.

Locating people can be a complex business, with some people being relatively simple to locate and others more complex. The structured approach we take ensures that “No Stone Is Left Unturned”.

Over the years we have used our experience along with partnering with other asset locators and forensic genealogical firms in an effort to solve thousands of cases relating to governmental and non-governmental agencies holding unclaimed and lost assets/refunds for various individuals and unknown and/or missing heirs and/or beneficiaries of estates.


Hostono & Associates is a professional lost and unclaimed refund recovery organization specializing in connecting these assets/refunds with their rightful owners. We offer expertise gained through experience that helped recover assets/refunds for numerous businesses small and large.

We have invested heavily in proprietary technology that helps us identify and recover unclaimed and lost assets/refunds belonging to large and small companies of all types. Hostono & Associates has focused much of its efforts on recovering unclaimed and lost assets/refunds for a variety of businesses all over America. Companies and businesses all change and evolve as time goes on. Many of the changes that take place result in numerous mergers, acquisitions, name changes, fictitious business name filings, address changes, asset sales, bankruptcies, takeovers, ownership sales and transfers, bankruptcies, etc. These evolving changes sets the stage for assets or refunds of all kinds to be lost or misplaced.

Our team is comprised of highly educated professionals, many with advanced and professional degrees. This knowledge and expertise gives us a better insight on the needs of our clients.

Estate Consultations

At Hosotno & Associates, we love to go above and beyond expectations. That’s why we decided to offer consultation services to clients we previously helped obtain estates. Having a new property you know nothing about that suddenly falls onto your lap can be an overwhelming experience.


Sometimes you may not be sure if you should hold it, sell it, or rent it. As real estate professionals, we take pride in guiding our clients in the right direction when it comes to managing an estate inheritance. We take a close look at your overall situation, the property condition, and the property location. From there, we can develop a plan for you to follow in order to receive the best possible outcome catered to your specific needs. 

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