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About Us

Hostono & Associates is a professional estate consultation and refund auditing firm. As an organization, our goal is to help people nationwide collect lost assets and refunds held by their local state government. Unfortunately, most government agencies will not make an aggressive attempt to reach out to the local recipients/heirs about their unclaimed assets/refunds. This is because after a certain time period (typically up to 1-3 years) if the heir, individual, or business does not claim the funds, the entire asset will be forfeited to the government agency holding the asset or refund.  This puts more money in their pockets ever day at the expense of the recipients that were owed.

Luckily, as refund auditors, our team monitors state government records nationwide that discloses who is owed. With this information, our team of private investigators works on locating the recipients/heirs. Once we get ahold of them, we are able to offer our services in recovering the refund or asset. We charge a percentage and allow the recipient/heir to keep the loin share of the recovered funds. Most importantly, at Hostono & Associates, we work on a contingency-fee basis. This means, we only charge once we successfully recover the funds. In the rare scenario when we are unable to recover the funds, the recipient will not pay a dime. So, we don’t get paid until our client gets paid. This makes the process 100% risk-free to our clients.

At Hostono & Associates, we understand that receiving a call about a refund owed to you may be a once-in-a-lifetime event for you, but we’ve been making those calls daily for quite some time. During that time, we’ve helped many individuals, corporations and heirs recover funds they didn’t know existed.

It’s a job we enjoy – and one we take pride in doing well.

Want to see if a refund is owed to you?

Give us a call today. Speak with one of our representatives and ask to see if there is a refund owed to you. We will be glad to assist and answer any additional questions.

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